Baldwinsville teeth cleaning

Baldwinsville Teeth Cleaning

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Preventive care in Baldwinsville

Instead of waiting until cavities develop and gum disease strikes, we at Today’s Dentistry urge you to be proactive. Our Baldwinsville teeth cleaning is part of a complete program of preventive care that works to keep your oral well-being at its highest level.

Tracing prevention back to its very beginnings means discussing your diet. Good nutrition, including placing limits on your sugar intake, is a key element in stopping tooth decay and gum disease. The reason is because sugar (and starch for that matter) is the catalyst for the growth of that invisible, sticky bacterial film called dental plaque. The less sugar and starch, the less plaque, which is a very good thing. The first line of defense against plaque is brushing your teeth. Good technique is important. Brush your teeth when you wake up and before bed, which represents the minimum. For better results, brush after meals, too. When it’s time to go to sleep, floss vigorously between your teeth, as well. Get out lodged food particles and loosen any stubborn plaque there. It’s still possible for some to remain, and that’s the reason for our Baldwinsville teeth cleaning. The plaque that does not get eliminated from your oral hygiene efforts ultimately turns into hardened tartar. It’s important to remove it regularly (once every six months). By doing so, you’re helping to prevent new cavities and incidents of gum disease. But what of existing cavities and gum disease? Our dentist will detect them as part of your twice per year oral examination. Cavities are filled promptly. And early stage gum disease is reversed by our Baldwinsville teeth cleaning.

Take the measures in preventive care that will keep your oral health as good as it can be. Contact our office right now and set up an appointment for your next examination and cleaning.

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